05 November 2010

Found it!!

You know I was looking for a fun way to work on gratitude this month with the knuckleheads...I'd seen a cool banner somewhere and was considering that, but didn't want to invest time or money, and wanted it to be somewhere they could reach it, blah blah.  Then this morning I saw yesterday's post on the Idea Room about thankful buckets, and the lightbulb went off!  I wanted to do something that could sit on our table so we could talk about what we're thankful for at mealtimes, so I found a fun container that was hanging around waiting to be filled with ribbons (another Idea Room find!) and downloaded the cards from Idea Room (thanks, Amy!).   We had a lot of fun with this at breakfast--everyone did their first card, and I can share that Noble was thankful for Halloween and Grandpa and was delighted to put cards in the jar.  "Wike a mailbox," he said!  :)  This is going to be so much fun on Thanksgiving!

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