23 November 2010


Yesterday Noble and I went up to school to watch the 2nd graders make Oreo turkeys. 
 I LIVE for stuff like that, when I get to just be a Mommy. 
(Don't get offended, other Mommys--you know I'm referring to my own juggling here.)

Last night when I was putting away laundry, I was struck by the thought that in a few more days, 
they'll be able to wear their Christmas shirts.   
In a few more days, we'll see Santa.  
(Although Noble has already informed me that he's NOT sitting on his wap, he'll just give a high pive.)
In a few more days, my favorite fall decorations will go away to make room for Christmas.
In a few more days, I can Christmas shop in the open.  :)  
I'm loving right now--but I love what's coming, too.  
It IS the most wonderful time of the year!

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