05 November 2010

Thankful for Time

I am not driving to Houston to work today. While the $$ would be nice, and heaven knows there's plenty to do, I just can't do that to my Bubby--he is worn down and worn out, and he needs time at home.

So today I am thankful for time...for having a flexible schedule that allows me to spend time at home if I need to.

I'm thankful for time...for having the time to let Bubby save baby worms whenever we visit Daddy's work. It's silly, but I take pride in taking time to let him be...Noble. I spent entirely too much time rushing my 2 year -old Kayci around, and as much as I regret that, I'll never get that time back. So I'm thankful that I'm learning from past mistakes, too, I guess. :)

What will you take time for today?

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