12 November 2010

Morning Coffee

I have to go in to Houston this morning for a full day of Staff Development.  I'm looking forward to hanging out with my team (although some of my favorite friends won't be there--sniff...enjoy your time with general ed., and know I'll be missing you!).  I woke up at 4 this morning to do my Friday morning grading (2 more weeks of teaching, then it's back to just CyberCoordinating) before I get on the road, and I was a little confused when I opened the bedroom door and smelled coffee brewing.  Okay, a lot confused, since I was the only one up.  But then I remembered the auto brew function, and I smiled...it made me so happy that James would think to have coffee waiting for me since he knew waking up this morning wouldn't be very fun.  I'm thankful for my morning coffee, and for my thoughtful Boy.  :)

*Note:  today, November 12, is the day that Luke passed away.  Say a little prayer for him & Carol today--I know this is a hard day for her.  It's a double whammy as it's the day before her birthday.  But, she's way excited today to be going to a concert with Dan and Grandma, so I'm sure that helps!  :)

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