13 March 2015

5 for 5

I've discovered the secret to the elusive 90 minute commute:  get up 10 minutes earlier, leave 30 minutes earlier and do quiet time on the road over the phone.  And pay the toll to drive in the HOV lane.  :)  Whatever it takes, I'm getting at least 90 extra minutes in my work day so I'm a happy girl.  It's the little things in life that make me downright giddy!

I'm at Starbucks for the 5th day in a row this week...I worked at the Brenham Starbucks until my laptop battery died Monday, I worked here for 90 minutes Tuesday morning in between my commute and office time, I took James coffee Wednesday, we had our Thursday date yesterday, and here I am again, fitting in some work before work officially starts.  No wonder our budget is out of whack.  :)

Whatever the case, I owe y'all an update.  I finished the project that's been hanging over me since December, and now this morning I feel like I can finally move on to other things that have been on hold.  It's a wonderful feeling!  In other news, my online work is settling down a bit--although an intern did basically threaten my job this week.  I'm not worried, but I don't like being on anyone's bad side.

I'll work in Houston until after lunch, then I'll head home to catch the end of Kayci's last Innovation Day and pick up Noble and his friends for a trip to Chuck E. Cheese.  He's a happy boy, and his birthday celebration(s) this year have been interesting...so not "my way" at all.  I guess it's really not all about me, right?

Happy spring break, friends.  We're almost there!  Thanks for going along for the ride this week.  OH--and a BIG thanks to Heather for cooking for us last night.  We had such a great time just hanging out at their house and relaxing, and then to get a healthy home cooked meal?  Such a blessing!  My poor family, the closest I came to cooking this week was sliders Wednesday night.  :)

09 March 2015

time management

This is my office this morning.

My house is a wreck.  Like, it's not just cluttered with projects that need to be finished and decorations that need to be hung and recycling that needs to be recycled and papers that need to be filed...it's dirty.

Baseboards, window sills, blinds, ceiling fans, nooks and crannies, floors...dirty.

I told James yesterday that I was going to clean house before I did anything else today.

But then this morning as I was getting dressed, I started thinking about time management.  Here's how my day would have gone if I had my druthers:  I would have taken the kids to school, picked up laundry detergent because I forgot it at the store yesterday, then I would have gone home to clean for a couple of hours.  Which would have been more like four, because every job I would start would remind me of something else.  And at the end of the four hours, I would still have tons to do, and my paid work would still be undone.  And I would still feel like I have a gorilla sitting on my chest.

Instead, I counted up my work hours this week--I'm looking at a minimum of 46. 
 4 jobs, 3 employers.  
That means I will clean house at night like the rest of the working moms out there, or it won't get done.  But my paid work?  It has to get done, because I can't handle the stress of letting so many people down when they're paying me to be better, to do better.

So I'm working this morning instead of cleaning.  Until the job is done.  And when it's done, I'll head home to turn 30 Twinkies into Minions for my favorite 7 year old's birthday treat at school. 
And then I'll take two car loads of kids to after school activities (4 elementary, 4 middle school).
I'll pick one up at 4:45 and one up at 6.  In between I'll cook soup and bake bread (both are already in the freezer, so that'll be easy).  And I'll play Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots and read and listen and hug and talk and just BE with my people.  

And then I'll clean house.
And go to sleep.
And wake up at 4 in the morning to head to Houston.  I discovered on Friday that the elusive 90 minute commute is possible...if I leave at or before 5 am.  Which means more time to work and less time in the car, which is a win-win.

Wednesday, I'll be all Kids' Ministry until lunchtime, then I'll finish grading my online classes before the after school runs.  
Crap, I gotta work grading into my schedule tonight, too.

Thursday, maybe I'll fit in a work out.  Fingers crossed!  I'll go watch the 1st grade program at 2 and clap really loud for my Bubby and his friends.

Friday, I was going to volunteer at Kayci's school but work calls, instead.  I'm going to have to get back early to take Noble and friends to Chuck E. Cheese for his birthday, but I can do it if I get there early enough.  

Then Saturday?  Saturday, blessed Saturday, is spring break.  

That means 1 of my jobs goes away for 9 whole days.  

Poor James doesn't get a spring break--he'll start his weekend with 3 photo shoots.  

Why do I write all of this?  Because I'm struggling with time management, and struggling to make sense of why I always feel so busy and behind.  I realized that people don't actually know what I do for a living, so when I'm back on social media I'll share more about work.  Because I don't want to be two dimensional, I want to be real.

And real?  Right now?  
It's a dirty house, and undone work.
It's happy kids and family time.  
It's figuring out what makes it to the top of the to-do list and what can wait.
And this busy?  It's a season that will pass.  

04 March 2015

I miss Jack.

Remember Audrey in "European Vacation?"  

That's how I feel about social media.

I've got all these great photos in my camera that I think, "I'll post this and say..."

And then it hits me.

I miss Facebook.

I miss Instagram.

I play lots of solitaire.

Lent score, if there is such a thing:  social media fast?  Winning.  Moving every day?  Progress, but not an actual WORKOUT every day.

This morning I thought I would dump photos from my phone onto my blog and get caught up, but it's acting funny and won't upload my photos.

And then I realized, maybe because that's cheating.


I miss Jack.

08 January 2015


Let's pretend this is our little family toasting the new year.  In reality, Noble insisted upon toasting our Sammyversary (oh, that's right--you don't know.  Noble decided that HE should get to name this house, and we couldn't get him to understand that we didn't TRY to name the last one "the little green house," it just happened.  So he thought for about .5 milliseconds and said, "Sammy.  The house's name is Sammy."  So now when we say, "let's go home," or "...something about the new house..," Noble will say, "You should just say, 'Sammy.'"  Sigh.)

Anywho, we moved in on November 2.  So Noble has deemed the 2nd of every month our Sammyversary.  We toasted with root beer, I think, on December 2nd, and this month we got fancy with the sparkling apple juice we never drank last New Year's Eve.  So, a toast, to Sammy.

And also, a toast to a year that's off to a great start.  In the past two months, we've had more company than we had in the last year or more at our old house.  We've had friends and family over for meals, and Kayci had two sleepovers during the break.   One of the things we were most excited about when we thought about moving:  a bigger dining room, with a table to seat more than just our family comfortably.  And we've got it--our friends with 5 kids came over one night, and it was such a blessing to all sit at the same table (we didn't even have to add any of the extra chairs!).  I love--we love--having company, and it's wonderful to have places for people to BE.  We had over 20 for Thanksgiving, and the weather was gorgeous so we had seating outside.  There are no pictures of that day, apparently, or many of the other days since we've moved in...neither James nor I have taken many pictures.  I don't know if it's because we're too busy or too busy living in the moment...I suspect more of the former but we'd like to think it's the latter.  :)

So here's to Sammy.  And to 2015.  And to living intentionally, and joyfully, in close fellowship with each other and the people we love.  Cheers!

24 November 2014

Intentional & Essential

Those would be the two words I am AIMING for as we create systems in our new home.  (I love, love, love it, btw!)  I'm not hitting the target every time, but I'm trying.  And there's something to that, no?  

A few weeks ago, I was blessed to speak to the Bellville MOPS group about organization.  Oh, they were lovely, y'all.  So fun, so wonderful, so Christ-centered...they made me want to have another baby (or find one, as my kids would say) just so I can join them.  It took me 3 weeks to follow up, but here's what I sent them this morning:

This is what I really feel called to share with y'all--I'm not thinking we all need to be minimalists, and I do not qualify as one, either. But I do like a LOT of what Joshua Becker posts. His writing (and links) make me think about living more intentionally, and I think that's always a good thing. I think if I were to adopt any "ist" or "ism" officially, I'd want to be an "essentionalist." And "intentionalist." But since there aren't any Facebook groups for those things, Becoming Minimalist will do!
I love having this come across my Facebook feed, where it's so easy to get caught up in the "more is more" mentality of our culture. https://www.facebook.com/becomingminimalist
This is the blog--I love his weekend posts, and look forward to hanging out with a cup of coffee and my thoughts. http://www.becomingminimalist.com
Happy Thanksgiving to all of you, and as we head into a time of year that can be busy and crazy and waaaaaaayyyyy too focused on "stuff" and keeping up with the moms on Pinterest, I invite you to join me in taking some time this week to think and pray about what we want Advent to look like this year.
I know I want to have less to do--so as a family, we chose a one-night trip to Marble Falls instead of our usual weekend to Marble Falls AND a trip to Santa's Wonderland. At church, we decided NOT to do a Christmas program or weekly ornament crafts, but instead to focus on an Advent curriculum based on a book families can use at home to go through Advent. I've already started shopping for teacher gifts--and I'm thinking 12 days of small, $1 type things for Noble's teacher and 1 $5 gift each for Kayci's teachers. I've purchased the ornament for our Bible Study ornament exchange on the 10th (crazy--I usually stress the day of!). (Lest you start thinking I'm on top of things, I haven't actually figured out how Noble's leaving school TODAY...so there's that. I'm still me.) I'm determined to be less ME and more intentional this holiday season, friends. Sure, I'll probably blow it, but I figure if I start out and I visualize a season of peace and focus, maybe, just maybe, we'll hit the mark some days. And those other days? Well, there's grace for that. And there's grace for you, too, lovelies.
Blessings to you, sweet friends, and big hugs. Kristi

16 October 2014


Most days it feels like time is racing by.

I accept that one morning, we'll wake up and there won't be that expectant time while we wait to hear feet hit the floor in the next room. Those feet will be tucked into bed at college, or in a first apartment. Sigh. Suddenly, 18 years doesn't feel like long enough to teach and show them everything they need to be servants of God in this worldly world.

James took off Monday to hang with the kids since I had to work. There's been a lot of that lately--kind of the storm before the calm. But back to them...the weather was gorgeous Monday evening, so they went to the park to play. They ran into our favorite friends and got some bonus together time. The pictures James & Heather texted are just priceless, like this one. When I saw this, it made me think about how time is racing, and what I want for those beautiful children. I pray they will have more.

More happiness.
More love.
More joy.
More fun.
More contentment.
More laughter.
More success.
More satisfaction.
More excitement.
More wisdom.
More strength.
More faith.
More hope.

And I pray that they have enough.

Just enough sorrow, and just enough pain, to make them truly appreciate all of the above.

09 October 2014

Where you go, I'll go...

I love Thursday mornings.  Usually...usually, not always, Daddyboy goes to Bible Study, the kids wake up and hurry to get around so we can run to the donut store on the way to school, and then I drop them off and go have a breakfast date with my Boy.  I love our Thursday morning dates.  

This morning we met at Big Daddy's for our favorite breakfast tacos, then spent a few minutes sitting on the tailgate of his truck eating and talking about our days.  And whatnot.  ;)

Yes, that's a beer truck.  Romantical, no?  

Marriage is hard work.  Anyone who tells you otherwise is a damn liar.  But it's worth it to do the work.  It's always worth it.  

Every morning, we do 3 things without fail:  he makes us coffee, we hug at some point, and we ask each other and the kids, "what does your day look like?" 

And this is my day today...my least favorite kind of day, the stuck at the computer working all day kind of day.  So I escaped from my desk and came into the living room.   At least I can listen to bad tv while I work.  :)