31 May 2014

day 30: reflection

how appropriate.  yesterday (may 30) was the last day of school.  Kayci is now a 6th grader, and Noble is now a 1st grader.  sigh.

first day of 2013-14:

last day of 2013-14:

13 May 2014

day 13: down low

how appropriate...the cats knocked the a & o off of our "Pharaon." I asked my Boy to fish the o out from behind the piano, and this is all the stuff he rescued from behind & under the piano. It was cat Christmas when they saw all their toys again!

07 May 2014

day 7: cold

No photo...I dropped my cold glass bottle of water in the driveway. Oops.

05 May 2014

day 5: colorful

Tacos for 100, anyone?

03 May 2014

day 3: share

I don't buy jewelry, but I do enjoy a fun bracelet. Kayci and I saw a necklace similar to this one in a boutique recently, and I remembered that our cousin Briann shared this with Kayci. I'm a big fan of hand-me-downs! This morning I wanted a pop of color and something to tie in my tortoise flip flops. I thought about Kayci's jewelry box and asked her if she'd be willing to share. ;) I may not give it back...I might wear it as a necklace tomorrow!

02 May 2014

day 2: metallic

Must be Maifest...time to get glittered up! :)

01 May 2014

day 1: enjoy

Enjoy is a wonderful word for today!

I enjoy celebrating this day with my Boy each year. I'm so glad you love me!

I enjoy having lunch with my Boy, especially when it's yummy & healthy. Today's bruschetta was more yummy than healthy, but that basil was from our yard!

I enjoy working with my husband, and supporting his business and creative endeavors. This week I'm selling Maifest DVDs. I won't lie, it's not such hard work, sitting outside in gorgeous weather visiting with people I don't see nearly enough. That dark spot by my foot is Noble enjoying his iPod in his favorite spot, under the table. :)

And finally, Maifest reminds me why we chose Brenham. I love this community and its traditions!