28 February 2009

My Own Little Corner(s) of the World...

The great office re-do is in progress at our house once again.  James and I counted this week, and we're officially on our 6th desk/table/set of desks since we got married (almost 11 years ago).  I'm happy to say, though, that I think we've got it this time.  We've got 2 more shelves to find homes for in the shed or storage and I've got a pile of lesson planning odds & ends to put away in the closet, but then I'll post a picture.  It's looking good...everyone has a space of their own, created to their specifications.  Kayci has her own desk and some really cool drawers in addition to the shelves, so she can sit on her stool and work either on the desk or on top of the drawers.  She's in heaven.  Noble has 2 play areas just because he's got so many toys, but so far, he prefers opening and closing Kayci's drawers, crawling in and out of her desk, climbing up and playing with her easel...typical Noble stuff.  James has his desk set up in the corner by the window, and we (finally!) bought a cabinet with doors so the computer components, cords, paper, etc. are behind closed doors and out of sight.  The cabinet actually makes a little wall, so when James is at the desk he's pretty much off in his own world.  I think this will help him feel like he's finally got his own space again--something that's been missing since we moved into the little green house.  And then there's me.  I got a wild hair and cleared the easel, trash can, recycle bin and Sami food, etc. out of the corner by my closet and placed my desk there.  $10 lamp later, it's a nice little nook where I can sit and work and still be with the kids, have access to the kitchen, etc.  We'll see how it works out.  Right now, I'm in my new favorite corner of the house, in our bedroom.  I've just started a huge project for PPCD, and my role is to input curriculum ideas, etc. into the computer.  Well, I've got a whole closet full of curriculum ideas and boxes of files on top of that, and having the boxes out on shelves in the office wasn't really accomplishing the goal of getting me going.  When Mom & Dad moved, she wanted a bigger sewing table so we traded her our office table (a 6-10 person dining room table--it's AWESOME!) for her sewing table, an antique Hoosier table.  (I know, I know...I had a little fantasy that I'd go online and find out that Hoosier tables are worth big bucks, but nope, no treasures in the attic for Mom & Dad this time.  Oh, well.)  As it turns out, the table is a treasure for me!  I wasn't sure what we were going to do with it but was sure that I wanted it eventually...you know how that goes.  But the more we got into the office, the more I realized that if I'd move my files somewhere else, we could get rid of one whole shelf and free up a whole wall.  And we're moving Noble into Kayci's room, leaving a whole wall of our room blank...so James moved the little Hoosier table in here for me.  It's small enough to fit nicely in the corner out of the way, but big enough for the laptop and books/files.  Earlier today I sat here for a few minutes to work on some writing, and with the curtain open and the sun streaming in, I felt truly at peace and just...happy.  
I don't know if everyone's like this or if it's just us (well, ME!), but it seems like we've always got a project (or 3 or 4) going at home.  This week alone, we're moving Noble into Kayci's room (which meant a whole reworking of her room, disassembling and reassembling the crib, which we still haven't done...), redoing the office, juggling furniture coming & going, making a new recycling center (which is either going to rock or flop...I'll let you know)...and we're still working on fixing the mirror on our antique dresser (turns out, the TV was holding it up all these years, so when we got rid of the bedroom TV, the mirror got all wonky and had to come down before it fell down).  Our house is just an absolute wreck.  Then throw in a sick baby, and the result is a house that's a wreck...a week later.  Needless to say, we haven't gotten much accomplished on the work (well, my work at least) or home fronts this week.  But there's always next week, right?  :)
We're actually supposed to be at Mom & Dad's house this weekend, but Noble's fever threw a monkey wrench in those plans.  If he stays fever free today, we may be able to run in tomorrow and take the load of stuff we've got for them.  It's like we're all at a loss since Dad's surgery...but that's a story for another day.  For today, life's good.  It's 3:16 PM (hmm...Noble woke up at 3:16 AM this morning and I looked at James and said, "for God so loved the world..." and he finished it.  He probably doesn't remember it, as he was sleeping at the time.)  anyway, 3:16 PM and I'm in my PJs.  So is everyone else, as a matter of fact.  When we sat down to lunch--Kayci made sandwiches, ziplocs with our names and all!--James gave thanks for "pajamas at lunch."  Kayci didn't quite get it, but it's actually pretty deep...what a gift today's been, not only to just BE at home, but to BE at home.  No errands, no busy-ness...just doing a few things here and there as we can between playing with and caring for the kiddos.  Right now both kids are asleep, and I'm savoring it as James is about to leave for a wedding in Huntsville (another casualty of Noble's illness...I was going to go with him).  It's cool--the current Sammy is getting married and wants Sammy Bearkat to be at the reception.  Enter James, who's always up for an opportunity to sport the orange.  Originally, Sammy was going to walk down the aisle but Trent called a couple of days ago with the change of plans...my first thought is that Trent's bride--or her Mom--got wind of the Bearkat wedding appearance and weren't quite as excited as Trent.  Sounds so James, doesn't it?  :)  
Oh, well...Noble's up.  When Noble gets up, he's UP and moving.  He only stops when he's sleeping.  So I'm off...

26 February 2009


Noble started daycare on Monday.  We really hemmed and hawed about it, as starting the last week of the month meant we had to pay for a week we really weren't using (so, this week cost twice as much as it should have).  We thought it was really worth it; after all, I'd have to work less than one day to make up the difference...win, win, right?  Wrong.  We didn't take into account Brenham germs, which knocked Noble out of the running after only 2 days of daycare.  So he was home yesterday...but didn't start running a fever until TODAY, which means no school today and then of course none tomorrow because he won't be fever free for 24 hours.  And he's pretty well miserable, so only a heartless Mommy (or a Mommy who HAS to get to work...) would send him.  So we're home.  Right now, Daddy & Kayci are off watching (and filming, yea freelance!) "Alice in Wonderland" at the High School.  Funny about that, Kayci thinks the main character is "Alison."  Get it?  :)  

Noble's sleeping, and I'm grateful.  He cried so much this afternoon/evening that we're BOTH exhausted.  So it's 6:30, dinner's done but still sitting out in the kitchen and yes, some is still on the table.  The office is a mess as I'm working on a final furniture arrangement in there and we're left with 3 extra shelves and assorted junk...Kayci's room is a mess as I'm working on a furniture arrangement in there that leaves room for both toys AND Noble's crib (yep, he's movin' out!).  Let's not even talk about work--I'm more overdue on one writing project than I'm comfortable admitting, and in 2 days if I don't get hopping I'll miss a deadline on another really interesting project.  And since Noble's home...needless to say, not logging in 8 hours/day for GPISD this week.  I know, I know...there's always next week, and Noble comes first.  I don't mind that at all, really and truly.  What I mind is that I'm starting to feel like a liar--if I commit to something, work-wise or personal, I'm pretty much guaranteeing that something will happen with Noble or Dad and I'll/we'll miss it.  So I don't know where that leaves me/us.  Tired, for one.  
I know I sound really negative, but it's been a long day and I just needed to vent a bit so I can keep moving forward.  I may get up and move furniture around and pick spaghetti noodles up off the dining room floor, or I may just sit here for a minute and veg with Facebook.  Or, I could finish today's Bible Study (we're at the working mom part, which alternately makes me think and totally pisses me off).  Or, I could be wild and crazy and get some actual paying work done...but if you know me, you know that creativity and productivity are pretty much nonexistent when my house is the wreck it is right now.  So I think I've just answered my own question--I'll finish today's study then get up and work on the house so maybe, just maybe I can work during Noble's nap in the morning.  I'd say I'd get up early, but that's just not happening these days...I wake up so tired, it's hard to get moving.  It's a season, I know, and I hope I'm not complaining because I don't mean to be.  I'm just...tired.  Happy, but tired.
That's enough navelgazing for now, I think.  This has been a weird day all around; 6:30 PM today was the first time I opened my laptop--that NEVER happens.  

23 February 2009


Noble started daycare today.  It's good for both of us, I know, but I can't help but feel a little lost without him here.  When he's gone to KinderCare, I've been AT WORK...so that was a little easier.  I was busy and not at home, but I don't think I've ever been at home without him in the past 11 months--the house just feels empty.  It's like the house feels just right when we're all home...then when James is gone, it's not quite right, and when Kayci's at school and it's just Noble & me, it's okay but still empty...now with just me, it feels really empty.  I know a week from now I'll have forgotten what this feels like, but today I'll spend a little time being sad that my baby is growing up...and his Mommy needs to do the same.  :)

Like it or not, I'll keep you posted...

17 February 2009

Good Enough

I've missed the last 2 weeks of Bible study (been a little busy, in case you haven't read the blog), and today I was really torn about going.  I finally--15 minutes out, no shower--decided to go, if for no other reason than to thank my friends for the gift cards they sent to my parents and the nice card they sent to James & me.  So Noble and I went.  And it was good--all about parenting today, which I really needed.  Here's the thing:  Kayci is a great kid.  Not perfect, but pretty darned close.  She's got a good heart and an amazing mind, and I truly believe she's going to be SOMEBODY someday.  She is one of those kids who you can just see the potential for greatness--if not famous greatness than just greatness as far as giving, charity, kindness, loving her fellow man...she's going to be amazing.  She already is!  So when she does screw up, I tend to correct her for little things more than I should...I should let more go, I know.  But sometimes I get caught up in the is she so good because I do remind her of the little things, or should I let the little things go because she is so good?

I may not be making any sense.  I'm braindead.  Too braindead to even catch up on the Bachelor, which is pretty sad.  I have to say, though, the dude lost me last week with the whole not having a faith thing.  I feel sorry for him--great guy, but even great guys need God.  But I digress.  

Noble's decided he's going to wake up...gotta run!

15 February 2009

Catch Up...

These past 2 weeks have just flown by!  We've all been suspended in some alternate reality, it feels...life, but not quite real life.  As crazy as it sounds, things are going really well.  Dad's home, and that home is shaping up to be a really great place.  :)  We're home tonight--our home--and that's a pretty great place, too.  Once again we're at a point where we're revisiting the office...the ever-changing room, it seems.  Sadly, the one constant is that it's always in need of organizing.  So, here we go again.  :)  I'm excited because I'm finally REALLY getting to work on curriculum, so I should be able to clear out a ton of books, files, etc.  We'll see...that's the goal, anyway.  Now if I could just teach Kayci the lesson it's taken me a lifetime to learn--every piece of paper is NOT a keepsake...

09 February 2009

It's finally happened...

...this morning I found my first gray hair.

05 February 2009


Same song, bajillionth verse...life is happening all around and here I sit, trying to knock out the last couple of pieces of a work project.  I need to be better about time management when it comes to my open-ended projects...a task?  I take care of it, no worries.  Writing?  Takes me FOREVER to get my brain wrapped around it, then I knock it out in a couple of days.  Creating a new course, etc.?  Takes me FOREVER to get my brain wrapped around it and forever to get it all aligned and tweaked...sigh.  

No real reason to post.  Just thinking while I'm trying to think.  I think it's funny, though, that at home I say I can't work because of Noble and his needs...yet here I sit, Noble's at KinderCare and I'm all alone in a fairly quiet hotel room...and still I can't wrap it up.

Dang it.  I missed a trip to Olive Garden to finish this, too.  Ugh--just thinking about eating makes my stomach hurt.  Blecch.  I've had enough food--and junk food--to last a lifetime.