23 May 2013

Just keep swimming...

I know May is a busy time for everyone.  I won't be that guy and list everything that's made our May so busy...but this year has been particularly intense.  Yesterday was a HUGE day at work, and when I finally got back into town after 7:30 and went to pick up my kids from Mom, it hit me.  

Today is Noble's last day of preschool.

And in true Kristi form, then it really hit me:  I don't have anything PLANNED!  I didn't make a fun banner for him, I don't have a gift ready...to be honest, I've still got a ton of teacher happys to finish (aiming to leave those at pick up time, thank goodness).  Noble's bff is spending the weekend with us, starting today, so I think that in itself will make it a fun day.  I think I'm going to break one of my rules and take the boys to CiCi's after I pick them up--that will tell Noble it is a very, very special day.  :)  And I hope that's enough, because it's the best I can think of right now.  

As I was sitting on my Mom's couch talking to her and Kayci, I struggled to find the words to express how I feel right now.  The best I can come up with is that right now, it feels like I'm swimming laps in a very, very long pool, and every once in a while I come up for a gulp of air and then hit it again.  

I bet you feel that way right now, too, huh?

image:  Microsoft

Don't get me wrong--I'm not complaining.  I'm loving everything that's going on right now, and I'm taking it a day at a time (a minute at a time, an obligation at a time...).  But I suspect I'll love summer even more.  :)  

16 May 2013

Today's the last time I'll put on my trusty KES shirt as PTO President.
We've had a great run, PTO, but I'm happy to pass this responsibility into new, capable hands and get back to doing what I love:  giving staff members happys.  :)  Staff Appreciation, here I come!

14 May 2013

They Know...

Yesterday Kayci was telling me about her day, making her AR goal, the book she just read, the book she wants to read...I just love afternoons, and the way she TALKS to me. That seems to be the best and easiest part of our day.

Last night I was laying in bed replaying our conversation and something jumped out at me: Kayci described one of the Moms in a story as, "you know, a helicopter parent." And went on to describe a helicopter parent to a tee.

The nerd inside of me? Super proud!

The 7th grade girl inside of me? Just praying she didn't overhear someone describing ME that way! :)

13 May 2013

Our Story

Last Thursday was our 15th wedding anniversary.  I'm not usually one to really get excited about that particular anniversary, as our dating anniversary is just 8 days before and that's the one that I have the most fun celebrating.  But, I digress.

For some reason, this year I was STUPID excited about our anniversary.  And even more so when James had to break down the day before and tell me about the awesome surprise he had planned--a trip to the Bed & Breakfast where we got married!  It was the first time we'd been inside since our wedding day, and of course, nothing had changed except for us.

This anniversary has really made me revisit where we were when we got married, really more like from the time we got engaged to a couple of years after the wedding when we/I finally decided this was forever.

I'm slow like that, man.

I've had to face a lot of things about myself that have no place in a fairy tale, as I'm far from perfect.

Lucky James.  :)

But the thing is, this isn't a fairy tale, it isn't a movie...it's our story.  And I'm grateful to call it ours.

07 May 2013


So...last week I registered this guy

for Kindergarten.  And today, James is replacing his car seat with a high-back booster.  

Sigh.  The times, they are a-changin'.

And then today, this girl

tours the Middle School.  Since she's going to GO there in a few months.

Deep sigh.

06 May 2013


I had a great day at work today. It took me forever to get home, but in all fairness, it took me forever to get ON the road this morning. :)

The long ride home gave me lots of time to think, and a front-row view of the sky as day made way for night.

I love the drive home, and everything it represents.

01 May 2013

Happy May 1st!

I almost wrote, "today is one of my favorite days of the year!"  But then I realized how idiotic I sound when I say that...almost once a week.  I have lots of favorite days.  But this is my favorite James and Kristi day.

17 years ago, we were just dumb kids.  But we had a blast together, and I loved that Boy more than I ever thought it was possible to love someone.  (Fun fact:  we took these pictures to send in with our applications for "Real World."  And then we drove all the way to Emo's in Austin for a casting call...and got there about an hour too late.  I think we knew all along it wasn't meant to be, but it sure was fun!)

And 17 years later, I love him even more.  Who knew that beautiful Boy would grow into such a beautiful man, inside and out?  I'm in awe of him so much of the time, and so grateful for our love and laughter after all these years.

I love you, Boy, and as busy as life gets at this time of year, I'm still taking time this morning to count my blessings.  I'm so grateful for our life, and for our family, and for you.

And then I'm off to register (sniff!) our baby for kindergarten!