27 March 2013

Up the Creek

I've got a contract right now for a review job. Usually when I do a job like this, I pick a series on Netflix and listen to it in the background while I work. I almost broke my Facebook fast today to share my joyous news: Dawson's Creek is on Netflix!!!

So I got some quality work done today. :)

19 March 2013

Happy birthday, DaddyBoy!

Happy birthday, DaddyBoy! We had fun decorating on the sly, until I realized that Kayci was slyly pumping me for information-"what time do you decorate for our birthdays?" I caught on fairly quickly, since her letters to Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny usually include a request to sign the letter and put down what time they were at our house. Back to the decorating...Kayci made a banner,

and so did Noble.

They're hard to read in these phone pics; Kayci's is a collection of things we love about Daddy. Noble's reads: we (heart) goofy Daddy. He drew a picture of each of us--I wonder what his future psychologist will make of the fact that Noble drew himself much larger than Daddy? We had our usual morning birthday celebration, although we were running too late for Daddy's favorite, Big Daddy's tacos, and he had to settle for birthday donuts (which not-so-secretly thrilled the kids & Mommy).

We actually ordered this camera lens mug months ago, and Noble's been trying to tell Daddy about it ever since. Grr. You won't be surprised that I kept Daddy's "big" present under wraps, then. :)

Enjoy them, Boy-I'm just sorry you had to wait so long!

18 March 2013

Day 18: where I went

Today was just a plain ol' Monday. Kind of. My work day was rescheduled, so I didn't have to commute as originally planned. Great news, coming off of spring break! Not so great news, I woke up last night convinced I'd gotten some type of virus. The good news? I'm feeling better now-really, it wasn't too bad to push through. Besides, when my first thought at 12:17 AM is "ew, I haven't cleaned that toilet in days, I'm not putting my face down there!"...well, friends, then it's time to clean house! So I did. I ran a couple of errands, cleaned & chopped our produce for the week, played with Bubby a little...now here we are in car line.

Spring break was great, but there's something to be said for getting back to routine, too. Happy Monday!

15 March 2013

Day 15: tiny

Yeah, yeah...when it's kid time, I don't have a lot of blog time. :) I'm an ice connoisseur of sorts, and thanks to Matt & Lauren I've found a kind of ice to make at home that I LoVe. Tiny ice!

08 March 2013

Day 8: mess

Today my favorite mess turns 5. Here he is with his favorite part if his manly hiking backpack kit...the lipstick. :)

07 March 2013

Days 6 & 7

Feels like life's been in fast-forward these past 2 weeks, but I haven't forgotten photo-a-day. Day 6: what I wore

For the past almost 2 weeks, I've worn this crazy polish on my toes...just because Kayci did my pedicure. ;) Day 7: hair

At the St. Paul's rodeo the other day, Noble was walking around without his cowboy hat and I almost didn't recognize him. His sharp hair's such a part of him! I snapped this picture of my fine parenting skills when we went to the donut store today to finalize the order for his party. Yes, yes we did have breakfast for lunch.

04 March 2013

Day 4: where I sat

I thought today's prompt was a little odd, until I took a break from cleaning and sat down for a minute.

The red plaid rocking chair is the first piece of furniture James and I bought together. We saved up and paid cash, which was pretty rare if you knew me in my credit-happy days. It was either this chair or a CD player for the CR-V, and we opted for the chair. I loved this chair from the moment I saw it in Foley's, and 14 years later, I love it still. It's where I sat with a tiny bundle when we brought both babies home from the hospital. It's where I sat in the sun by the big window with our slightly jaundiced Bitty. It's where I sat for hours with Bubby, and where I sat with him just Saturday morning. It's where I sat to blog when I first started, and where I sat for untold hours writing and grading for Region 4. It's where I sat and smelled Dad's Polo lingering in the upholstery after he'd visit. It's a part of our story, the red plaid chair. Every time I think I'm over red, and way over plaid, I realize that I'm not anywhere near ready for the chair to go. We've still got some sitting to do, the chair and I.

02 March 2013

Day 2: morning

I love Saturday mornings at home, when we can be lazy or do whatever we want to do. Our deal is that we don't have to make our beds on weekends if nobody is coming over. I love lazy days!

Now we're off to grab lunch, then celebrate our favorite 10 year old. Later we'll head out to Independence Hall so James can get some photos of the place where a group of patriots signed the Texas Declaration of Independence on this day so many years ago.

01 March 2013

Day 1: clock

The clock in our hotel room. Today's going to be a GREAT day!