18 March 2013

Day 18: where I went

Today was just a plain ol' Monday. Kind of. My work day was rescheduled, so I didn't have to commute as originally planned. Great news, coming off of spring break! Not so great news, I woke up last night convinced I'd gotten some type of virus. The good news? I'm feeling better now-really, it wasn't too bad to push through. Besides, when my first thought at 12:17 AM is "ew, I haven't cleaned that toilet in days, I'm not putting my face down there!"...well, friends, then it's time to clean house! So I did. I ran a couple of errands, cleaned & chopped our produce for the week, played with Bubby a little...now here we are in car line.

Spring break was great, but there's something to be said for getting back to routine, too. Happy Monday!

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