04 March 2013

Day 4: where I sat

I thought today's prompt was a little odd, until I took a break from cleaning and sat down for a minute.

The red plaid rocking chair is the first piece of furniture James and I bought together. We saved up and paid cash, which was pretty rare if you knew me in my credit-happy days. It was either this chair or a CD player for the CR-V, and we opted for the chair. I loved this chair from the moment I saw it in Foley's, and 14 years later, I love it still. It's where I sat with a tiny bundle when we brought both babies home from the hospital. It's where I sat in the sun by the big window with our slightly jaundiced Bitty. It's where I sat for hours with Bubby, and where I sat with him just Saturday morning. It's where I sat to blog when I first started, and where I sat for untold hours writing and grading for Region 4. It's where I sat and smelled Dad's Polo lingering in the upholstery after he'd visit. It's a part of our story, the red plaid chair. Every time I think I'm over red, and way over plaid, I realize that I'm not anywhere near ready for the chair to go. We've still got some sitting to do, the chair and I.

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