17 February 2009

Good Enough

I've missed the last 2 weeks of Bible study (been a little busy, in case you haven't read the blog), and today I was really torn about going.  I finally--15 minutes out, no shower--decided to go, if for no other reason than to thank my friends for the gift cards they sent to my parents and the nice card they sent to James & me.  So Noble and I went.  And it was good--all about parenting today, which I really needed.  Here's the thing:  Kayci is a great kid.  Not perfect, but pretty darned close.  She's got a good heart and an amazing mind, and I truly believe she's going to be SOMEBODY someday.  She is one of those kids who you can just see the potential for greatness--if not famous greatness than just greatness as far as giving, charity, kindness, loving her fellow man...she's going to be amazing.  She already is!  So when she does screw up, I tend to correct her for little things more than I should...I should let more go, I know.  But sometimes I get caught up in the is she so good because I do remind her of the little things, or should I let the little things go because she is so good?

I may not be making any sense.  I'm braindead.  Too braindead to even catch up on the Bachelor, which is pretty sad.  I have to say, though, the dude lost me last week with the whole not having a faith thing.  I feel sorry for him--great guy, but even great guys need God.  But I digress.  

Noble's decided he's going to wake up...gotta run!

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