26 February 2009


Noble started daycare on Monday.  We really hemmed and hawed about it, as starting the last week of the month meant we had to pay for a week we really weren't using (so, this week cost twice as much as it should have).  We thought it was really worth it; after all, I'd have to work less than one day to make up the difference...win, win, right?  Wrong.  We didn't take into account Brenham germs, which knocked Noble out of the running after only 2 days of daycare.  So he was home yesterday...but didn't start running a fever until TODAY, which means no school today and then of course none tomorrow because he won't be fever free for 24 hours.  And he's pretty well miserable, so only a heartless Mommy (or a Mommy who HAS to get to work...) would send him.  So we're home.  Right now, Daddy & Kayci are off watching (and filming, yea freelance!) "Alice in Wonderland" at the High School.  Funny about that, Kayci thinks the main character is "Alison."  Get it?  :)  

Noble's sleeping, and I'm grateful.  He cried so much this afternoon/evening that we're BOTH exhausted.  So it's 6:30, dinner's done but still sitting out in the kitchen and yes, some is still on the table.  The office is a mess as I'm working on a final furniture arrangement in there and we're left with 3 extra shelves and assorted junk...Kayci's room is a mess as I'm working on a furniture arrangement in there that leaves room for both toys AND Noble's crib (yep, he's movin' out!).  Let's not even talk about work--I'm more overdue on one writing project than I'm comfortable admitting, and in 2 days if I don't get hopping I'll miss a deadline on another really interesting project.  And since Noble's home...needless to say, not logging in 8 hours/day for GPISD this week.  I know, I know...there's always next week, and Noble comes first.  I don't mind that at all, really and truly.  What I mind is that I'm starting to feel like a liar--if I commit to something, work-wise or personal, I'm pretty much guaranteeing that something will happen with Noble or Dad and I'll/we'll miss it.  So I don't know where that leaves me/us.  Tired, for one.  
I know I sound really negative, but it's been a long day and I just needed to vent a bit so I can keep moving forward.  I may get up and move furniture around and pick spaghetti noodles up off the dining room floor, or I may just sit here for a minute and veg with Facebook.  Or, I could finish today's Bible Study (we're at the working mom part, which alternately makes me think and totally pisses me off).  Or, I could be wild and crazy and get some actual paying work done...but if you know me, you know that creativity and productivity are pretty much nonexistent when my house is the wreck it is right now.  So I think I've just answered my own question--I'll finish today's study then get up and work on the house so maybe, just maybe I can work during Noble's nap in the morning.  I'd say I'd get up early, but that's just not happening these days...I wake up so tired, it's hard to get moving.  It's a season, I know, and I hope I'm not complaining because I don't mean to be.  I'm just...tired.  Happy, but tired.
That's enough navelgazing for now, I think.  This has been a weird day all around; 6:30 PM today was the first time I opened my laptop--that NEVER happens.  

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