05 February 2009


Same song, bajillionth verse...life is happening all around and here I sit, trying to knock out the last couple of pieces of a work project.  I need to be better about time management when it comes to my open-ended projects...a task?  I take care of it, no worries.  Writing?  Takes me FOREVER to get my brain wrapped around it, then I knock it out in a couple of days.  Creating a new course, etc.?  Takes me FOREVER to get my brain wrapped around it and forever to get it all aligned and tweaked...sigh.  

No real reason to post.  Just thinking while I'm trying to think.  I think it's funny, though, that at home I say I can't work because of Noble and his needs...yet here I sit, Noble's at KinderCare and I'm all alone in a fairly quiet hotel room...and still I can't wrap it up.

Dang it.  I missed a trip to Olive Garden to finish this, too.  Ugh--just thinking about eating makes my stomach hurt.  Blecch.  I've had enough food--and junk food--to last a lifetime.  

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