05 August 2016

Happy New Year!

August is even more exciting for me than January, y'all.  I love the promise of a new school year, the hope, the excitement, the new crayons...all of it.  Every. Single. Bit.

Today's the day I switched from last year's work book to this year's (it's a big deal.  Trust me.)
Today's the day I wrap up a project that I have carried over from last year, and I'm SICK of writing it down in my daily intentions every single day and putting it on every to-do list and every calendar square...for real, getting it done.  Today.  

I even wrote a note to myself on my new June 2017 calendar page to hopefully head this mess off at the pass next summer.  I'm GOING to do it right when school ends instead of "intending" to do it all. Freaking. Summer.  (Sorry for the strong language.  I have strong feelings.)

What's that?  Perhaps I should quit doing all the other things and get to THAT thing?

You think it's unreasonable that I've just gotten caught up on my written correspondence and have written a whole marketing plan for a friend instead of working on my main, do-or-die task?

Hmm.  I agree.  

Back to work it is.

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