24 November 2010

Great Teachers

I'm sure one of us will post about this later on our family blog, but I'm so grateful for Kayci's teachers.  We have been so blessed by great teachers at Krause (and before that, her 4 year old teacher ROCKED...and we still get to see her every day since she started working at Krause when Kayci's class started Kinder.  Woo hoo!).  Kayci loves, loves school and looks forward to going every day.  Yesterday we went on a mini field trip with Kayci's teachers and one of her friends--Kayci has apparently been leading the kids in picking up pecans on the playground.  They've been saving them in ziplocs and their math teacher wanted to make a lesson out of it, so she told them that they could sell whatever they collected and buy things for the classroom.  63 pounds later...It was a cool lesson, and Kayci had a blast.  They had right at $50 to spend at the teacher store, and it was fun to watch them.  :)

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