27 November 2010

This Guy!

Yesterday morning, James took off to go get gas and "check the air in the tires."  Alrighty.  We were getting ready for our trip so I was like, okay...weird, but okay.  He came back a few minutes later and was lurking in the hallway while I put on makeup.  James gauges my mood by my eyes--the bluer, the happier.  He kept looking at me and saying, "You don't seem very...happy this morning."  (I wasn't--Melissa's Dad died on Thanksgiving, and then yesterday was Mr. Maberry's birthday--I was reeling and trying to keep moving forward so we could have a fun weekend.)  So I told him that it was Mr. Maberry's birthday, and the story of the evening that he died.  I told him about the dream I'd had Thanksgiving night when my Dad called to ask if I knew what happened...made me wonder if he was calling about Skip...so that's what I woke up with.  Anyway, poor James...I told him all of this and he just looked kind of stunned.  He knew Skip was on my mind, but that's a lot for a "fun Friday" morning. He said it again, though, "still, are you...happy?"  Sigh.  I have to give myself credit for being patient, because he was weirding me out and I just wanted to get on the road.  And he kept picking up my perfume and messing with the bottle, which was irritating.  (This is the part where I mention that I get a new bottle of Happy twice a year--around Mother's Day and my birthday/Christmas...my bottle is emp-ty right now, and I've been counting the days to getting a new one!)  When I looked down again, there was a full bottle of Happy in my Boy's hand...he'd gone out to Palais Royal (the only place in Brenham that sells it) and bought me a new bottle.  How sweet is he?  I messed up the surprise with my melancholy, but still--so sweet and thoughtful!

That was a long intro.  But that's the kind of Boy James is...he surprises me with big and little things, and even though he drives me nuts sometimes, he is a wonderful husband and best friend and Daddy.  I know exactly how blessed I am to be on this journey with someone who gets me and appreciates me (most of the time!) and wants the same things out of life I want.  We make a great team, and I don't ever want to take it for granted (but I do sometimes).

So today I'm thankful for this guy...and the life I have because of him.  :)

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