06 November 2010

Thankful for: Organization!

No pic today...just a grateful heart and peaceful mind.  I finally had time to finish putting away Halloween, which led to me reorganizing the office shelves (just tweaking--they'd gotten piled up a bit and needed a bit of attention) which led to me pulling all of the CRAP out of my work closet that I'd been collecting for workboxes...so we have a clean toy space, a cleaned out work closet, and a car loaded down with great stuff to take to work on Monday.  Phew.  James is on a roll, as well, out in the shed...you should see the stuff flying out of there!  Once he gets some of that done, he can pick up a few odds and ends that have been visiting in the office for a while, and then Monday after the fire truck bed goes to a new home we can move Kayci's desk from the office to their room and reorganize that corner... It feels good to get rid of stuff and find "real" homes for the stuff we have/are keeping.  Disorganization makes me GRUMPY, and it leaves me feeling very unsettled and unfocused.

So, today I'm grateful for organization.  And for the time to get organized.

And now for the house full of kids who are wreaking havoc on said organization.  But that's the beauty of it--when things have a place to go, it's not such a big deal when they get out of place.  A few minutes to pop stuff back in boxes or back on shelves, and good as new.  :)

This weekend so far has been a great mix of getting stuff checked off our to-do list and just hanging out with the family and friends.  Tomorrow looks to be more of the same...I'm a happy girl!  Hope your weekend is rocking right along, as well...

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