21 November 2010

Family & Friends

Yesterday evening we had dinner with old friends and their kids...this is the 2nd time in a month or so, and I had such a great time AGAIN--we're 2 for 2!  It's awesome to spend time with friends who a) have kids who play beautifully with our kids (kind of like the friends we had dinner with at Chili's this week--good times!) and b) who can pick up right where we left off and we can just visit and laugh...you know, those friends who KNOW you inside and out, know where you've been, know all of your quirks but also what makes you cool...and they love you for all of it.  The friends you've grown up with (some of the friends I've grown up with I've only known since I started teaching--but they're just THAT kind of friends!) and the friends who you've grown older with.  I love evenings like last night where we looked forward to it all day, had a great time for the two hours we sat and ate and visited, then left and just felt good about the time we'd spent.  

We had a long drive home, sleeping kids, and time to visit.  My Boy and I have lots of family and lots of friends, near and far, and we talked about how sometimes you spend time with people and spend a lot of time being reminded how you don't spend enough time with them.  Which, if you're one of those, does NOT make people want to spend more time with you.  We talked about some of our family, and how we don't see them but once a year now and sometimes less...but we always pick up right where we left off, we enjoy our time together, and we look forward to doing it again--even if again is next year.  What a blessing!  We talked about the friends we saw last night, and how fun it is to have friends who you never need to "catch up with" (facebook is great for that, too!) and you can just...be.  And enjoy.  

So today I'm thankful for family and friends.  I won't name names because you know who you are.  :)  And if I did try to name names, I'd just get excited and leave someone off...and that would suck for both of us.  We are blessed with great friends who feel like family, and we love you guys!    

We're going to have dinner with James' Ant and cousin tonight, and I can't wait.  (The company is a big draw, of course, but they've got sweet potato fries, y'all!)  As for the rest of today, I think we're going to keep on with the keeping on and just hang out at home.  So far we've watched the special features on "Toy Story 3," made a grocery list and a menu for the next couple of days, talked through Thanksgiving plans, enjoyed James' french toast...and now everyone's just hanging out.  It's a good thing!  Hope you're having a great day, too--and if you're traveling, be safe!

A challenge:  Take some time today to spend some time with someone you love and miss--whether it's sending a message on facebook, a text about something funny that reminds you of them, a phone call, an e-mail, a letter (mlb--you're due!)...do something.  Reach out!

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