26 November 2010

So This is Christmas...

James can photoshop my eyes open, I hope.  Someday I'll learn how to take a decent picture...

Taylor (our shelf elf) arrived this morning.  We've been to Fredericksburg and now we're in Marble Falls and we've seen Santa--Christmas is officially here in our world.

Today I'm thankful for the things that have become traditions for our family, and for the traditions that we've brought from our respective families.  These are the little things that make me happy--it's the creature of habit in me,  I'm sure.  :)

As much fun as we've had in Marble Falls, I'm looking forward to getting home tomorrow and decorating for Christmas.  This is the first year Noble really understands Christmas (well, he's starting to understand!) and it's fun to watch him rediscover everything.  Tomorrow ought to be fun!

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