13 November 2010


Today's thankful thought was a no-brainer:  I'm thankful for my gym-tastic girl.  She has cheer clinic this morning, and it was fun to hear her open up about last week--she just told us last night that they cradled her and put her up last week.  Daddy was like, hey, I can cradle!  She's just not sure yet what she's most interested in, so we try to encourage it all...sometimes I (not she,  I) feel pressure to have her do more, take more classes, get better training...what if she's a cheerleader, dancer, singer, you name it one day?  But then I come back to my senses and remember that those things will come--right now it's about enjoying what she's doing and getting the basics down.  And for right now, we'll stick to one activity at a time (although we are in talks to let her do Chorus next year in addition to gymnastics...we'll see) so she can enjoy being a kid, above all.  Oh, and what a kid she is.  :)  

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