02 November 2010


Killing time this morning, not working and such...decided to check my blog comments.  Found one on my craft fail post and sure enough, she linked it...http://craftfail.com/?s=craft+fail+garland

How fun!

Today I'm DYING to take down the Halloween stuff and pack it away until next year, but I've got grading to do.  I was going to do Halloween this morning then take Noble to a friend's to play and THEN grade...but I realized this morning that I need to grade first because me starting a "simple" clean up project is like giving a mouse a cookie.

If I pick up Halloween spiders...then I'll want to reorganize the toy bins when I go into the office to put them away.  And if I reorganize the toy bins, I'll decide to go ahead and get out Thanksgiving stuff.  And when I get out my Thanksgiving stuff, I'll realize that I need to dust.  And once I start dusting, I'll have to sweep.  And once I sweep, I'll think, what the heck, I'll get out the mop and run it over the floors real quick.  And if I mop, it only makes sense to clean the bathroom so everything's clean (makes sense in my head).

You get the idea--I could piss the entire day away and not get my work done.  So I'll be good and work first, then piddle if I have time.  If not, I guess there's always Thursday.  Or Friday.  Or the weekend...

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