09 November 2010

Local Artist

(Christmas 1996--pre Sammy makeover...pre dating...everyone sat on Sammy Claus' lap that day)

Today I'm thankful for local artists.  Well, really just the one a few rooms over, working on this year's Tree of Light logo.  Most of you know that we met at the Tree of Light ceremony back in 1993.  Do you know that story?  If not, I'll share it sometime.  

Anyway, I am a pretty creative person, but much of my success is owed to the fact that I can have an idea and share it with my Boy, and he can make it come to life.  He's so talented, to talk about everything he can do would just be bragging.  But seriously--a few feet away I have my own photographer, videographer, editor, sound guy, graphic artist, cartoonist, branding expert...you name the creative field, he owns it.  

I'm grateful for my Boy.  Even though he ticks me off when he tries to help me with laundry and hangs clothes facing the wrong way on the hanger and I think he does it on purpose to get out of helping with the laundry for another year.  I still love him.  And speaking of, I think it's time for my morning hug...

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