23 November 2010

12 Days of Christmas

I have wanted to do this for YEARS...but haven't been organized enough to get it together in time.  I'm pretty sure...no, I'm 100% sure...that when Kayci was in Kindergarten, I dropped her off at school, put together the gifts for her class, then hit a cool store downtown for a teacher gift ON my way to her Christmas party.  That's how I rolled that year.  (Dad was sick, Noble was a baby and also sick for a week at a time every other week that semester...)  Last year I was better, but busy with work so I messed up the timing and ended up just giving a traditional gift.  Nice, but not THIS.

So--this year, I've got it together.  Gift-wise, anyway.  Starting on December 2nd, Kayci has a small gift for her teacher (and her afternoon teacher, too--2nd has 2 teachers) every day until the last day of school before break.  Pretty crazy when you think there are only 15 school/work days between Thanksgiving break and Christmas break, right??  I knew that I needed to gather the gifts this week or I'd never get it done--I've got to be in Houston 4 of 5 days next week.  But that's a different post...

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