10 November 2010


I'm a neat freak, but today I'm thankful for messes.  Now, it's me, so I'm not talking about the messes that my family members make for mess' sake...like, when Noble throws every single ball out of the bucket or dumps every single puzzle.  Those messes drive me nuts.  I'm talking about the messes that come from plain ol' having fun...like this chocolate chip cookie on the front door, or the playdough remnants on the living room floor from our impromptu playdough party yesterday (6 kids!).  I found myself smiling as I went around yesterday wiping down doors and door frames, because I could totally see in my head what caused the marks--Kayci using the door frames to lift herself up and hang and do tricks.  What do your messmakers do that makes you smile?

(Don't get excited, Boy-o...I'm not saying I'm down with messes by any means, so please make sure the house is intact when I get home from work tonight so I can enjoy your day off tomorrow!  That is all.)

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