07 July 2010

Last One Standing

You know I love my James Avery jewelry. I'm so boring, I wear the same things every single day. I even blogged about it in one of my very first blog entries...here's the link if you're bored. :) (Aside: I knew I had blogged about this around my 34th birthday when I got my cool typewriter bracelet, but looking back through blog entries to find it...so, so weird to read what my life was like when Kayci was in Kindergarten, Noble was just newly mobile, Dad was sick, Ronny's family was in Taiwan...life was so different. If you don't journal in some way, I highly recommend it--this is the second opportunity I've had recently to revisit a different time in my life, the first being Kayci's birthday and reading the blog entries from before and right after she was born, and it's such a blessing to be able to step back into my old shoes). Big aside...sorry!

Anyway, the point of this blog today...

...Monday on our way back from Marble Falls, I reached up and realized I'd lost an earring. I wasn't stressed about it. See, I have a dirty little secret: not only do I love James Avery jewelry, I have a bad, bad habit of losing it. Seriously--I'm on my 2nd Faith/Hope/Love ring, my 2nd heart bracelet, who knows how many silver chains, who knows how many charms I've lost, and of course, my silver earrings. For about a decade now (wow! I'm getting old!) I've worn the same silver hoops almost every day. Crap...longer than a decade, I can remember in our apartment in Spring (98-00), losing my first one. Wow. It all started with Kitty...he used to steal my earrings or anything small and shiny. Back then, when I lost one, we'd go buy another pair. Several years ago (either before Kristen H.'s wedding or right after Kayci was born, we can't remember), James got smart and bought me TWO pairs. Since then, I've been rotating those 4 silly earrings...I lose one, replace it, sometimes end up finding it again...

...until Monday. Apparently, I've lost my last replacement earring. This little guy is the last man standing. Sigh. I've got a few pairs of "fun" earrings, but it's just not the same. Sigh. You know I threw my new watch away several weeks ago, right? I'm not sure what the universe is trying to tell me, but I'm feeling a little lost without my earring. Feeling a little weird about being out of replacements. Tired of not knowing what time it is. I guess it's time to either shake it up a bit and wear some new jewelry...or go shopping.

Seriously, you haven't nodded off, yet? Sorry for such a boring post...you gotta remember, this blog is my journal. :) Speaking of this blog...we're so behind in our family blog, as soon as James and I get caught back up with our work, we'll post Atlanta and Marble Falls pics.

OH! And I forgot to mention--we got to visit the Headleys' new house on Monday!!!! That was AWESOME...it's gorgeous, and we're so happy for our friends and their new life. Yes, we miss you guys, but Round Rock is a great place, too, and not so far away. Congratulations! (We were ALSO supposed to get to see Ronny's family...but, Kayci ended up blerrrrrrghing all over Rudy's, so we opted just to head home. Mother of the year, here, I was like, quit with all the drama, kid...awesome.)

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