29 July 2010


On what planet is that "catch up" or "ketch up," if you're from here? Hmm.

Anyway, catching up...

1. I went to Target last night. I could have spent a LOT of James' money...but I didn't buy a single thing. Nothing. Not even a pack of gum or something from the dollar spot--NOTHING. I don't know if that has ever happened before...

2. I tried on the pointy toes and I liked them. But I found something that I love, love...now to find a brown dress to justify buying them. Oh, and if you're keeping track, the sequin-y zebras are more blue than black/gray...so navy, not black, girls. I haven't bought them because I don't have a a navy dress. Yet.

3. Today is food day for James. He wanted Caprese Salad, and we like to do bites for food day. So, to my friend who was patiently listening to me explain what all this means...here you go. Yum! :)

4. I pulled out my black and white dress to wear today...whoopsie. Washed my dyed brown creation with the browns/blacks earlier this week...now I need to trash or replace my black & white. Crap. James said, "dye it brown." Funny. Boo!

5. I'm all caught up on my non-GP work this week...woo hoo! And it's only Thursday! :) Yea, me!

6. I found some amazing shoes yesterday for Kayci...I feel a shopping trip coming on. SOON! Perhaps today...

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