19 July 2010

No More FaceBook Before Bed?

I dreamed last night that we were at Denise M.'s mom's house, having dinner. Martin and the kids were playing in another room, but it definitely felt like a girls' night other than that. At the table? Jennifer P., Mrs. P., Brenda P., and Keri McK. . What's funny is that we were sitting there eating beef jerky (?) and ice cream, and I was talking about what I should and should not eat...and when it was time to leave, Mr. P. walked out with these huge things of frozen ground beef that Keri T. (who I haven't seen or spoken to in YEARS!) sent over for all of us. I was sitting there with probably 10 pounds of ground beef, wondering who I was going to pass it on to.

Totally random, but that's what was on my mind last night, apparently. Old friends and questionable food choices. :)

1 comment:

Brenda said...

Haaaaaaa! That happened to me once. So many FB peeps in my dream. Lol!