14 July 2010

The Road

Four summers ago, I looked for any excuse to "have" to drive to College Station to go shopping. I remember it rained a lot that summer, and more than once the sky turned black and I got to watch a summer storm roll in...right across 50. Yesterday the City was supposed to have our water turned off all day, so the kids and I headed to College Station to see Auntie Katie and run a couple of errands. As I was driving, I was thinking about how much I love driving down 50, how it reminds me of my (aside from home!) favorite place on earth (can you name it? Hint: it's a state!), and how peaceful it is out there in the middle of the fields. I love the drive, love the sky, love just BEING there. I feel the same way when I'm driving home from a Houston day, once I get past Fairfield...as I drive out of the city, I feel like I'm driving INTO a slower, simpler life that just fits. Yesterday as I drove I was reminded of that summer four years ago, and how, even after a year to prepare, I was still fighting for my "regular" life of retail and hustle and bustle and doing and having. My, how things have changed. :)

Where will the road take you today? I know where it's taking Amy & Kristin & their kids--here for a BlueBell tour!--and Melissa & her kids. I know where it's taking me...right where I want to be. What about you? Hope you can enjoy the scenery as you go!

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