27 July 2010

To shoe, or not to shoe? That is the question...

I have a couple of maxidresses in my Target cart right now...I keep waiting for them to go on sale. One day they were $10.99 and I didn't buy them--turns out it was a crazy 1-day deal, and they've been regular price ever since. Did you know Target did that? I didn't. Dang it! Anyway, today I did my daily price check and thought, I need to pick up a couple of pairs of flats to get me through the school year. Do you have any idea how many pairs of animal print flats Target has right now? Holy moly!!! I think I put 8 different pairs in my cart just to think about them...geez. How am I supposed to choose?? I think I'll buy the ones on clearance, then try the other ones on in the store if possible--I'm not sure about the pointy toe.

Can you believe it's time to think about school?


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