20 July 2010

A Bachelor I'd Want to Watch

Here's what I want to see:

Real life, for most of us, isn't lived out in mansions and helicopters and fantasy suites. Pick a bunch of suitors according to interests, morals, beliefs, etc., and take them to where the bachelor *actually* lives. Have them hang out where he hangs out, go to church with him, meet his friends...see how they fit in his REAL life. Maybe then some of these matches would have a chance. Don't you think it's a letdown to leave the fancy houses and cars and clothes behind and "just" do regular people things together? Who can live up to that?

I've got "the Bachelorette" playing in the background while I work this morning, and I have such mixed feelings. I'm curious about how things play out (like a train wreck), but deep down I don't believe in any relationship that's coming out of this show--even though they seem like great guys. I want them to go meet a real girl, who wants a real life, not a TV show. I'm not anti-reality shows, believe me, but as I see my People magazine filling up with paparazzi shots of reality "stars" (come on, go follow Britney Spears or someone!), it makes me wonder what you have to trade to be on TV. Like, normalcy.

Back to work!

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