18 July 2010

girl in the corner, take 2

James posted this picture on our family blog yesterday. No, I wasn't posing; I had no idea he'd even taken the picture. We were on our way to Austin and stopped in Elgin to eat. Normally, we'd eat at Golden Chik (such a treat--if you haven't tried it and you like fried food and sweet tea, try it!) but I wasn't up for fried yesterday. So we consulted UrbanSpoon and tried a local restaurant, City Cafe. UrbanSpoon nailed it--the food was great, the restaurant was awesome, the history was interesting...and there was homemade pie! So that's what this picture is...James and the kids had gone to pick out pie to share for dessert, and I'm sitting there enjoying a rare moment of solitude.

And wondering what kind of pie they would bring back.

Deep thoughts, my friends, deep thoughts. There you have it.

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