23 July 2010


It's not unusual for me to get a summer cold (it used to happen EVERY year as soon as I got done with school for the summer), and it's not unusual for me to get a sore throat when I'm tired and run down. My throat and ears started getting icky on Tuesday night and it's just been downhill from there...a day of rest yesterday combined with lots of fluids and cold medicine didn't do the trick, so I'm being a grown up and taking myself to the doctor today. Usually this would mean a drive to Houston, as I've never--yes, we've lived here 4 years--switched from my doctor in the Heights. I did it, though...I made an appointment here at the Clinic with a new doctor. So, wish me luck! Best case scenario, by the time my appointment comes around the golf balls in my throat will have disappeared. :) Worst case, I'm actually sick--and that never happens! Either way, as long as I don't pass it on to the knuckleheads...we've got a big weekend coming up. Germania picnic stuff and a birthday party tomorrow followed by an overnight at Grandma's to celebrate her birthday on Sunday and the Circus with Lynn & Hannah before we head home Sunday night. So you see, I can't be sick right now. Really. Are you listening?

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