24 July 2010

Guilty Pleasure #4,208

When I'm working late at night or early in the morning, I like to have something on in the background (so I don't feel alone or tired, you know the drill). I can't turn on something that I want to LOOK at, because it would be too distracting, or something I'll sing along to...so there goes my movie/TV/music. What I've found since I started this project in February is that reality TV on Hulu does the trick for me. I'm not picky--I've put in a lot of hours on this project, which means I've run through anything "Real Housewives," "Southern Belles" (don't ask), some cooking shows and who knows what else. But my absolute favorite has been "Family Jewels," the Gene Simmons reality show. I'm a KISS fan from way back (enough of you), but for some reason this guy and his family just make me giggle. For being so much larger than life, they are so REAL. I'm hanging out in the bedroom this morning and my head hurts too much to read (the shot did NOT work, dang it...my plan is to rest this morning and then get out with the family later today for the Germania picnic, etc.). I decided to watch "Family Jewels" since I started a new season last week while I was working and didn't finish it...and I find myself laughing out loud. Right now I'm watching an episode where Gene is wearing a heart monitor (made me think of you, K, only his beeps!) and he walks in to find his son's girlfriend with a big ol' pregnant belly. The thing starts beeping as his heart rate goes up, and they're looking around going, what's that noise? Good TV, and something that any family can relate to (it's a school project, by the way, fake belly). :) So there's yet another of my guilty pleasures, and this is one I cannot enjoy when anyone else is around. Hee hee. Could be worse!

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