13 July 2010

Circle of my Life

I finished a major project yesterday...just have to tie pretty bows on the binders today and be done. Yep, I am literally tying bows on these suckers before I deliver them. I love it when I find a new way to do an old thing, and a way to do something that makes it easier for my teachers to do a good job. I won't bore y'all with the details here...if you're not a preschool person, classroom labels won't turn you on.

I wrapped up a major project yesterday and ended one online cycle, which leaves me with one week left of another major project, one online cycle...and now it's time to ramp up again to get ready for the preschool school year. Luckily I have a couple of light weeks, but no weeks this summer of NO work. Which I guess is cool, too, because that means no weeks of no paychecks. This is the circle of my professional life...the summer is a time to wrap up the previous year and then before you can finish that, start getting ready for the next year. I love summer for that same reason--it's such a time of hope and promise, that this next year will be better. It WILL be better, hear me, Universe??
I'm a little random this morning. I asked my Boy to wake me up when he got up, but I was having a dream about birthday cake (yes) so I asked to sleep a little longer. Now I'm up, my coffee is here...but I'm tired. And then I had to take a quick break--I heard, "Mom Mom! Where are you??" so I called back, "Bubby, where are YOU?" and an exasperated voice from the bedroom called back, "Mom Mom! In 'ERE!!!!!!" I got the best hugs from him just now. :) So it's time to drink this coffee and get moving on those bows and my morning.

Hope you have great coffee and a great day, and some good hugs while you're at it!

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