21 November 2008

All is right with my world...

...it's 10:22 PM, and I'm laying here on the air mattress in Kayci's room (that would be the same one I never put away after our guests a week ago, yup) with both kiddos, just listening to them breathe.  Poor James isn't feeling well, so I came in here to give him some space.  Laying here, listening to the heater turn on and off, listening to the kids just breathing, feeling Kayci's feet seek me out every little while, and Noble's hands doing the same...all is right with my world.  :)  Days like today when I get down and get too stuck in my own head, God reminds me that nothing is more important than these 3 things:  faith, hope and love.  I am blessed with an abundance of all 3, and it doesn't get much better than this.  

And now that leads me to one of our favorite car games...James & Kristi trivia.  This will be a special Kristi edition, thanks to me thinking about my verse now...

James & Kristi trivia (sorry, Ronny):  At our wedding, I didn't cry at all...until Ronny read the new testament verse.  It was cool until he finished reading, and said, "James and Kristi..." and his voice broke, and it was all over for me and my makeup...that darn Ronny.  Made me cry at my own wedding.  :)  I've always loved that verse and really wanted it to be a part of our wedding ceremony, but Ronny adding his own spin to it has just cemented it as my favorite verse ever.  When I'm really down, that's where I head, to faith, hope and love.  

Ooh, more Kristi trivia in the same vein:  Only one of the rings I wear has words (on the outside, anyway).  What are those words?  (faith, hope, love)   

Only one of my rings is engraved on the inside...which one, and what does it say?  (this one's a trick question--my wedding band, which I don't currently wear because I'm too fat and I refuse to ruin it by sizing it...I digress.  Anyway, James surprised me by having "forever" engraved in it.  I surprised him, too--James' wedding band says "I love you, Boy!")

How many rings do I wear everyday? (four)

Describe them.  (engagement ring--hammered silver, gold setting, blue topaz...faith/hope/love thumb ring...cross ring on right pointer...4 seasons ring on my right ring finer)  

I bet nobody but James & Lynn can tell me when I got each ring--

engagement:  not on October 18, 1997 when James originally asked me, but that spring when James saw the current ring and fell in love with it :)
faith/hope/love:  originally got one from James for my 25th birthday, but lost it
cross:  James bought Kayci and me matching rings for Mother's Day a few years ago :)
4 seasons:  James' 30th birthday gift to me (that, and a great surprise party!)

Last one, non-jewelry related:  In our dining room, we have a red sign with white script words that sums up our family priorities...It reads...  (faith * family* friends)

And to all a good night...time to go check on my boy!  And it's cold in here...wonder if he'll notice if I turn the heater up...

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