02 November 2008

The Adventures of MommyGirl

I sent poor James out into the wilds of Destructoville for having his own views on the family blog, so I feel like turnabout is fair play.  I have lots of random thoughts (I know, shocking!) that don't really have anything to do with family news, so I figured why not create a space of my own?  

I won't do an e-mail update, I figure it's like my house--pop in when you have some time.  :)

So many things to say...where to begin?

James is going to ask me why a list...I'm practicing gratitude.  And it's like the song says, when I'm down or things look tough, I simply remember my favorite things, and then I don't feel so bad.  Thanks, Lynn, for that gift that keeps on giving.  (11 years later!)

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