15 November 2008


I'm exhausted...but in a good way.  Today was a great day, start to finish--Dad woke up, feeling good enough to go out to eat for breakfast, Ronny surprised him...good day, great news, lots of hope for the holidays.  We had a great, NORMAL day...the first in a long time.  (Normal because we were just hanging out, but not quite normal as Amy & the kids weren't able to be here).  Ronny took Dad to HEB and they made a seafood feast for lunch (first time Dad's been in the kitchen since the hurricane!).  After lunch, Timmy & Emma came (Kayci had a blast with Emma, and Noble enjoyed getting to know Timmy).  Susie and Ward came, too.  By the time we got all of the candles lit on Dad's cake, the stinkin' cake melted...it was kind of gross, but fun, too.  :)    

Anyway, it was just a good day.  Looking forward to a great holiday season, and seeing Ronny's WHOLE family in December.  Can't wait!

And if you're counting...2 weeks from today, the Pharaons will be putting up a Christmas tree.  Wow!

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Foster Family said...

Happy thoughts your way! What a great day! Want to hear something sad ~ We put our tree up today : )