04 November 2008

Cosmic Conspiracy?

I think it's time for me to listen.  Wednesdays are my working days--I'm supposed to be on the road by 5:15 so I can drop Noble at KinderCare and be at work by 8.  Theoretically, I'd work until 4:30 or 5, pick up the Bubby and head home.  Well, it's just not meant to be, for whatever reason.  There's a running joke in my house--Kayci gets sick on Friday nights (ear infections ALWAYS pop up around 1 am on Friday nights) and Noble gets sick on Tuesdays.  Today was no exception--he was very snotty and coughy and cry-y (have been chalking it up to the time & weather change), then I picked him up and he had a definite fever.  101 degrees, so we didn't pass go or collect $200...called the doctor and they got him right in.  Of course Kayci cried because it meant we missed story time, but what can you do?  So here I am, once again, with a sick Bubby who can't go to KinderCare tomorrow, so I can't go to work.  I will most likely haul the poor little guy into Houston with me to pick some things up (Sami's going country, as of tomorrow, and moving to our house) and go to a meeting.  I've missed the last 2 team meetings, and several Wednesdays of classroom visits.  Arrgh.  I know it's not about me...but seriously, it's just not funny.  I feel like such a Bozo each week telling the ladies I work for, and with, sorry, can't come in again...Noble's sick.  Seriously--I couldn't even LIE about him being sick this often.  So here we go again.
Sitting here watching election results, waiting for James to get home from his helicopter shoot.  (He's supposed to blog about it--some great pics!!)  Anyway, it's very confusing and very frightening...praying for our country this evening.  I need to make it a habit, I know.  

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