04 November 2008

Weighty Issue

Bet you thought I was going to talk about the election again, huh?  Nope, nothing quite so lofty. 

So, Sunday our DR lesson was about insurance.  We learned a LOT, and luckily, we're in pretty good shape except for my life insurance & Noble's life insurance.  Yesterday DaddyBoy talked to the life guy and brought home the estimates, along with a form for me to fill out to see if I qualify for "preferred" rates.  I'm going down the form, feeling pretty smug--no tobacco, no DUIs, etc. etc.  Get all the way to the bottom with no "yes" answers, so I'm in.  And then I see it--the height/weight chart.  How sad that I've gotten to the point that I had to tell my husband that I'm over 40 pounds away from, in fact, being preferred.  Truth be told, I'm 60 pounds away from my goal weight--which is 22 pounds more than when James and I started dating.  Do the math, friends--it all adds up to how did I get here?  I could lose one of you readers--a whole person.  My weight is a hard, hard thing to face, but the truth is, I don't want Kayci to think of me as fat.  I don't want my size to limit what I can do as her Mommy.  Already (like now, after having Noble) it's a factor in what clothes I buy and wear, and how I feel in my clothes.  Bathing suit season this year was not fun...which is sad because LAST YEAR I got into my favorite Polo suit that I haven't worn since before Bitty.  :(  But regardless, it's time for a change.  Those donut holes probably weren't the best breakfast choice...I've got to work on what I put in my mouth, friends.  That's the biggest issue, other than everyone's "I don't have time to exercise." Sigh.  It kind of feels like now or never, and never can't be an option.  I want to be a cute mom, by gosh!  Not to mention that I want James to look at me and see Kristi legs, not just had a baby legs.  Sigh again.

Oh, well--the good news is, the energy fairy came after all and she's helping me scurry around and get recycling, etc. done while Noble's napping.  Just had to stop and put this into words, as it's weighing on me this morning.  Ha freakin' ha. 

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