21 November 2008

6 days out...

It's unusual for me to be offline so long, but chances are, y'all didn't miss it.  :)  I think it's been a busy week for everyone!  Things have been a bit surreal this week.  We had a great weekend last week, and it felt like when everyone left, so did my energy.  Not a bad thing, just a thing.  Monday morning Noble and I left at 5 to go to Houston to take Mom & Dad to the medical center for a test, but it turned out to be a consult.  So, we got home just in time to pick the girls up from school.  Tuesday we had to go to College Station to get my contacts, (but we did meet Lil and Dee at the Pomegranate first for some coffee and girl talk!) and of course we had to go to Gymboree and Target, which ended up taking most of the day.  We picked the girls up from school and went to the library for story time.  Wednesday was another 5 am commute, but instead of going straight to work I went to the doctor to talk about my weight.  I do love Dr. Zois, and I'm glad to be on track again to start losing and feeling better.  (Not that I feel bad physically, but I'm ready to have some energy again!)  The Pilot battery died while we were waiting there, so AAA came out and jumped it and we drove straight to NS to buy a new one.  Then I worked a bit, dropped Noble off for a nap at Mom & Dad's, and went back to work.  It was a good day, but I was just not really all in.  We had planned to go out to dinner Wednesday night, but Dad had a rough day and wasn't up to it, so Mom made soup & sandwiches.  It was good!  Noble and I stayed at their house since we had an 8:00 call time for Dad's endoscopy yesterday (just wasn't up to another 5 am commute, 3rd this week if you're counting).  Kayci cried when she found out we weren't coming home (we talked about it before I left, of course) but she had a great time with Paula's kids and then Daddy, so it wasn't a huge deal.  And apparently she got to sleep in my spot, so that made it worthwhile.  :)  

Dad had an endoscopic ultrasound yesterday, and it showed that he does need surgery (what I understand is that surgery is the only surefire way to beat cancer, guessing because it removes compromised cells...it's hard for the doctors to tell, by sight, which cells are cancerous and which are just damaged, so they are being conservative).  Anyway, now the task is to watch Dad get stronger and healthier so he's ready for surgery.  He goes to see the surgeon on Monday, so we'll know more then.  

That's really where my energy has gone this week--I try so hard not to worry, I know that's not my job, God's got it...but for some reason, this week I've been stressing.  I guess because I know more than anything Mom & Dad want to hear an all clear, but that's not the case.  It's cancer, and that's tough because there's no black and white path, no clear answers.  You've just gotta put one foot in front of the other and get through it.  Most days that's easy to do, but at times like now, when Dad gets to a fork in the road, the worry comes back.  So, will work on giving that back to God.  

Today's Friday, and I haven't been home yet this week.  It's grading day and I have mountains of laundry to get through in addition to regular housework and hanging out with Noble.  Not complaining, just got a lot on the agenda.  I'm behind in all 3 jobs today, but have faith I can catch up on at least 2...we'll see.  This weekend we have committed to a quiet weekend at home, and I can't wait.  The kids & I went shopping yesterday and bought food for the weekend--comfort stuff, like quesadillas, stuff to make our veggie soup, chili, homemade pizza...should be a good, quiet weekend.  Cross your fingers!

On Monday we'll check Kayci out of school early so she can go to Houston with us.  After I take Mom & Dad to the surgeon (the kids will go to KLC or stay with friends there), we're going to meet Lynn for dinner...will tell you more about that next week!  There are lots of great things happening in our lives right now, and with the holiday coming up next week, we're just grateful.

And before I go get Kayci up, just one more thing:  we are SO GLAD and grateful that Ronny's family is coming home to stay.  We love having them in Pflugerville, close enough for little league and soccer, lunch or dinner on the weekends.  Kayci has missed her cousins, and I've missed them all, too.  I didn't realize how much until Ronny told me they're coming home, and then it was like, oh, good...I can breathe again.  :)  

Happy weekend!  

Oh!  One more thing...Noble said "ma" a couple of times yesterday when he was talking to Grandma.  He's said it a few times since, so maybe he'll find a word for Mommy finally!

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