29 July 2011


This morning, my Boy and I took advantage of the last weekday of his vacation and sat down and visited over our coffee (normally, he'd be checking e-mail and I'd be having quiet time...or reading blogs!).  One of the things that came up was a conversation I had with a friend last week about facebook depression--you know, how some people get really bummed when they read about everyone else's fabulous ____ (fill in the blank:  lives, meals, homes, spouses, kids, money, blah blah blah).  It made me sad to think about that, but I do think that some people ONLY post stuff online that they think makes them look _____ (fill in the blank:  happy, rich, successful, amazing, better than you, blah blah blah).  And that, of course, led to a discussion about how some people are a totally different person online.  Case in point:  a person whose profile lists a job he's never had.  Huh?  We all know someone like that, right?

One of the things I pride myself on is being real...even when it sucks.  You guys know I'm overweight, my bank account isn't overflowing (sometimes not even flowing at all...), that I'm impatient and imperfect.  Sure, you also know that I try to be a good wife and mom and daughter and aunt and friend and mentor to my teacher friends...I think the balance of good and bad stuff on here depends on my mood, for sure.  But if I'm coming across as a different person here on my blog and facebook than I am in real life--I mean this--let's talk about it privately.

Which leads me to the reason I took to blogger this morning:  my profile.  Professionally, things are changing for me.  I'm not sure what will happen next.  After this summer, I'll be a half-time mentor...it's the SAME job, but I'll no longer be classified as a consultant.  And since am not presently consulting for other school districts or Knowledge...I'm not a consultant.  I'm not writing anything right now, and don't have any contracts in the foreseeable future...so I'm not a writer.  I'm not teaching online...so I'm not a teacher.  (I know that one's debatable, since I teach my kids and teach teachers, yeah yeah...but that's not the point.)  As of today, my profile will be updated to reflect who I am today...not who I was before, and definitely not who I want to be.

Crap, does that mean I have to lose the fun picture, too?  Hmm.  I'm going to say no on that one, because it's so fun.  Does it help that I only use current pics of me on facebook?  Don't even get me started on all the people who never post pictures of themselves...

Let's start a trend, friends...let's be real to each other, and show the ones who are struggling that it's okay to be average, it's okay to have hot dogs instead of filet mignon...that it's okay to be who we are.  Nobody is perfect.  Nobody is always happy.  We are who we are, it is what it is.

You know how on Bill & Ted they say, "be excellent to each other"?  (I love that movie!)...let's

be real to each other.

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