07 July 2011

Table Talk

It's unusual when we DON'T sit down together for dinner, but tonight was one of those nights.  James is at church for a while and the kids were too hungry to wait until he gets home to eat, so I went ahead and fed them.  And since I'm trying to be good and their mac & cheese (homemade, thank you very much...one totally burned pot of noodles--who DOES that?--and one bleh pot of cheese sauce later, lest I get too proud of myself) was calling my name, I was putting away clothes while they were sitting at the table eating.

I assume the picture above, which sits on the buffet, sparked a conversation about Disney World.  It was hilarious to hear Kayci solemnly telling Noble about everyone she met (all of his favorite characters, coincidentally) and him telling her about how he actually (a favorite word right now) wasn't in my tummy, but he was out walking around and he met everyone, too.  Really?  Yep.

I was standing here, clean socks in hand, when it hit me:  this is it.  This is when his memory begins...the stories he'll tell his wife and his kids someday.

No pressure, right?  :)

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