06 July 2011

Kayci Day!

When Kayci was little, I was still a PPCD teacher.  One of our circle time songs was Barney's "Days of the Week."  For some reason, this song made its way into our home and somehow turned into the "Kayci Day" song.

Sunday, Monday,
Tuesday, Wednesday,
Thursday, Friday,
Kayci Day...

Kayci Day was Saturday, our family day.  I can say with confidence it was all of our favorite day of the week.

After Noble came along, Saturday became "family day."

Today, we're taking it back.  Today is officially "Kayci Day."  Noble's at school, and Kayci and I are going to go to College Station for a little shopping (her $$, thank goodness!), lunch, and a movie.

Just the two of us.  (And the Dallmeyers for a little while.)  But no Bubbys.

So, happy Kayci Day!

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