12 July 2011

In the Weeds

We've been steadily working through our to-do list. At the top? Our yard. Bleh. I can think of about a bajillion things I'd rather do. I felt like I accomplished part of the goal today--I called to see if we could get on the yard guy's calendar this week. :) Progress, right? A few hours later I realized that the yard is only part of the issue...our flowerbed is overgrown. And it doesn't make sense to mow & trim and leave the flowerbeds full of weeds. Sigh.

So, after dinner I bit the bullet and got to it. You know, I don't think "weeding" is the correct term for what I did. It was more like "grassing" and "leaving"...the grass that refuses to grow in our yard is thriving in the flower bed, thanks to nightly waterings meant to keep our veggies alive. Which isn't happening at all, so I spent a lot of time pulling off dead cabbage and kale leaves.

All that to say, the bed needed a lot of work since I haven't kept up with it. It always seems to go this way...get it cleaned out, let it grow up...get it cleaned out, let it grow up.

That flower bed is representative of an attitude problem of mine: all-or-nothing. It's my fallback, in so many areas. Right now I'm working on my eating habits, and I'm really struggling. It's made me even more introspective than usual, I'm afraid. I don't have any answers to the big questions tonight, only more questions.

But the flowerbed is clear, and that's progress. One step at a time, boys...

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