05 July 2011

Aaaahhh...now that's better!

Naptime is coming to a close (I assume), and I am pretty stoked about today's progress.  Look--my desk is back!  For that matter, so are the dresser, the dining room table, the floor where last week's suitcase has been sitting, 2 of the 3 kitchen counters, the living room (all of it--it was pretty well covered in toys and stuff)...we've made a lot of progress today.  Yes, without the TV (shockingly enough!).  And the bathroom is clean--like, give a guest a bath clean.  I love clean tub day!  But again, I'm off topic.  I just wanted to share that I actually did accomplish what I set out to do today.  Heaven knows I have a long way to go, but after a quick sweep & mop through the main rooms, we're ready for Madeline and Becca to bring baby Clara over for dinner.  Can you believe Clara Marie is almost TWO weeks old and I haven't held her, yet?  I can't...sigh.  Don't worry, we'll fix it once Noble wakes up!

I hope you've had a great day, too.  What I really hope is that you rock and your house didn't NEED a bomb squad today and you just got to sit around and relax after a hectic 3-day weekend.  I mean, I'd have to hate you if that's your life today...nah.  I'd be envious, but I'd probably just want to know how you did it.  :)  And I'd be grateful to have you as a friend...but still, envious.

Alrighty...time to wrap this up and get back to work for the final push...floors!

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