20 July 2011


Today wasn't the day we had planned, but it was a good day.  Noble goes to school on Wednesday, and the original plan was that it would give me one day a week to just focus on Kayci.  And, I've got a whole closet full of stuff waiting to be put into scrapbooks, and that was supposed to be our girls' summer project.

Hey, it's July 20th.  I've only got a couple more weeks of summer--it's probably time to get on that, right?  A friend came over today and was trying to compliment me on doing such a good job of cleaning stuff out and purging.  I cleared up that misconception really quick--I showed her the dreaded closet o' scrapbooking hell and told her our summer plan and our summer reality.  And I was really disheartened when I realized how many Wednesdays we've had this summer, and how we haven't done anything to a single scrapbook.

When things calmed down this afternoon, I told Kayci we were going to make some progress--so we pulled it all out and got started.  I am so grateful I started binders with day one of Kindergarten, so this is just the stuff from KinderCare and Methodist.  (Thank goodness--I think anymore would have made me run screaming from the room.  This is a lot of stuff that's just been hanging around for YEARS.)  Anyway, we got started.

And we enjoyed visiting about her old art projects and her time at KinderCare and in Ms. Alison's class...it was fun.  Messy, but fun.  Still messy, actually, but fun.

We didn't get anything finished, but we started.  And that feels pretty good!

Oh, and a PS--we DID get Noble's 2nd year into his scrapbook, but only because the pictures were ready to go from his 2nd birthday party.  That's pretty satisfying!  On to year 3 for him...

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