28 July 2011

Jackson David

This isn't my story to tell, so I won't say much.  But I just want to shout from the rooftops that Jackson is HERE, he's well, and he's absolutely gorgeous!  When we got the call Tuesday morning that Lynn was going in to have Jackson...the world seemed to just stop turning.  James took over and got us all into the car and down to the hospital, 2+ hours away.  I don't know that I really, truly breathed until I saw Lynn with my own eyes an hour or so after Jackson was born.  

It was such an honor and a blessing to be standing in that hall with Hannah and David's mom and sister, and to get a first glimpse of this little miracle.  God's been working so hard to get Jackson ready for his early debut...he came out breathing on his own, and they were able to wheel him out to meet his family, just like any other baby.  He's got some growing to do, but that's to be expected.  Lynn is hanging in there...she sounds GREAT.  Last night she sounded like Lynn again.  Definitely stronger and feeling better, but again, those of us who have had a c-section know that she's got some recovering to do, so please keep BOTH of them, and David and Hannah,  in your prayers.  :)

If you watch "Grey's", the best way I can describe it is that Lynn is my person.  And this morning I am thanking God that she is okay, and he is okay...that is all that matters.  The rest?  Just details.  And we know God has a way of working that stuff out and showing us what's really important.  What a blessing it is to have a friend who is family, who will always be there even when I don't know what I need and who knows everything about me and loves me anyway, unconditionally.  Thank you, Lynn, for being my person for all of these years.  Standing in the hall the other day, waiting to hear that you were okay...don't ever do that to me again, okay?  :)  I know none of this is about me...but seriously, never again.  I am so much older today than I was when the week started!

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