31 October 2012

Day 31: he did it!

I love my Boy.  I talk about him all the time, I know, but I am truly, truly grateful for him.

Not just because he's gorgeous.

Not just because he brings me coffee in bed every. single. day.

Not just because he's a lot of fun and makes a great Daddy.

Not just because he gets me.

Not just because he's crazy-talented.

There are so many reasons.  But here's another one:

I love him for getting it done.

That's right, our major goal for this month was getting the website up.

It's not quite functional yet, but as of this morning you'll no longer see the Host Gator page when you visit...wait for it...

Since we got so sidetracked with the logo and the look and business planning earlier this month, it became pretty apparent last week that we weren't going to have a totally functional website by 10/31.  As of yesterday, I'd pretty well resigned myself to no website by 10/31.  But my Boy wasn't satisfied with that, so he created a page that gives the information people need to get in touch with us.  It's actually pretty cool, the little things he included in the page--if you click on the chalkboard, an e-mail window opens up.  If you click on the Facebook logo, it takes you to the a little happy page.  I wouldn't have thought of those details, but that's my Boy.  I love the way he thinks!

Thanks, Boy!  You have done SO MUCH for me and a little happy this month--I am so grateful for your support and work and for the way you believe in me and have been so instrumental in making my dreams come true.  I'd be lost without you, you know.  :)

(I won't even mention the words business cards til after our camping trip.  Promise.  Crud, I did it just then, didn't I?  I won't say it again.)  

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