20 October 2012

Day 20: and...go!

Today was the Holiday Shopathon.  I'll put you out of your misery:  it wasn't a big sales day for anyone.  BUT...thanks to sweet Heather who drove out just to support me and placed a very early birthday order for a certain almost one year old and bought a chalkboard that I would have gladly given her, I broke even and made my table fee back.  And then another vendor (I was a VENDOR, people!) bought a chalkboard, so I broke even on those.

I learned a lot today.

From my friend Linda, a jewelry lady, I learned to do a giveaway/drawing.  That way I can email people with my website and maybe they'll order something.

From my friend Misti, who sells thirty one, I learned that people like sale prices.

From my friend Holly, who wasn't there but gave me a few pointers on my table (back when I was only going to do orange and white, so glad I switched!), I learned that I need some height on my table.

And I learned something just in creating the table look:  it's hard to sell a concept, which is what a little happy really is.  I thought I was doing okay, but then today I took a good, hard look at my table and realized it really doesn't SAY what I'm selling.

So, next time.  I've got some work to do.

But for a first time, come on--check out that banner, guys!  That little cube wall behind the table came with the table, but I didn't know about it until I was on my way to Pflugerville last night, so I didn't have time to create anything for the wall.  So, I improvised.  It was meh, okay.  But at least it wasn't blank!  :)

James brought his camera and snapped a few pics.  Since I specialize in crappy phone pics on my blog, I took pictures of his pictures so you wouldn't get too overwhelmed with actual, in focus images.

Noble walked up and got really teary--"I don't want you to sell my cwothes!"  I didn't even think that he'd think that...oopsie.  Also, look in the picture above--Alex totally got a gander at his birthday present.  Oopsie again--guess that's a sign I should just give it to him early!

I had two goals today:  learn how to do a craft show/fair, and let people know I'm ready to take orders.

This sweet lady, another vendor, took the time to talk to me about what works and doesn't work--and she gave me some great, doable tips for next time.  I'm so grateful to her!  I just might have to send a little happy her way...she probably doesn't even know how she blessed me!

All in all, today was a success.  I'm grateful for the opportunity to try out a new skill, if you can call participating in a "show" a skill, and to be able to do it in a low-stakes kind of way.

I'm grateful I did this today, because it made me get organized and do the heart-work I've been needing to do.  Set goals.  Create a business plan.  Get the logo finalized.  Create a table display.  Figure out how to take money (hello, Square--what a blessing!).  Figure out change.  Figure out receipts, and carbon copies (yep, old school, baby).  Figure out a book to share ideas of what can be done...even though said book is SO homemade and filled with, you guessed it, crappy phone pictures.  I made my shirt!  (Although looking at the pictures, I'm not sure I met my goal of getting the words below my...um...bra.  Hmm--might have to rethink it!  Or lose another 10 pounds...)

But I did it.

And now I'm ready to take orders, kids.  Bring 'em on.  Can I make you a little happy?  :)

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